12 X 18 Pole Pool
American Heritage



Over last winter my above ground pool lost water and the liner collapsed into the pool so there was a lot of leaves and debris in the pool. Because of all the leaves, when Richard arrived the water was not sufficiently drained to changed the liner. He worked on it a bit and then came back a few days later to finish the job at no additional charge. Don't remember the exact fee but it was reasonable. Today he came to close my pool. I could see from my window he put the cover on and put away the filter but it was later when I went out to the yard I found what a great job he did. He collected all the items off the deck and neatly stored them away. The deck looked broom clean. I've used a number of pool services over the years and no one has ever done that before. OUTSTANDING JOB! Will definitely use him again.


Called Richards Pools and told him what I needed. He gave me a quote of what it would cost and set up a schedule. Richard and crew arrived on time. He also called ahead saying he would be on his way. They went to work right away fixed everything that needed fixing and installed the liner. Very professional, neat and excellent work. I highly recommend Richards Pools I am very satisfied.


The owner ( Richard ) responded to my residence and did an amazing installation of my 15x30 above ground pool liner. Prior to coming to my residenc I talked to richa d on the phone detailing what I needed done. Based on my the conversation he quoted me a price in the range of 400.00. Richard then advised me he would be in touch with an availability date. He notified me on time and gave me an installation date. On the date issued Richard was very punctual, actually arriving ten minutes early and started the installation immediately with the help of a great employee. During the installation I asked questions regarding the liner along with other related pool questions which Richard gladly answered. After Richard finished he inspected the pool thoroughly and cleaned up and left the area free of any debris and neat. Richard also noticed I had a brand new cartridge filter I had which was still in the box. He asked me if wanted him to install the filter as I had no knowledge of how to install it. Richard installed the filter and as I asked him how much the cost to install the filter he said it was of courtesy. I was 100% satisfied with Richard as a business owner and as an installer. It's very rare to get the level of service or hands on experience as Richard provided. I would highly recommend Richard Pools for all swimming pool related issues or repairs. 


Rich arrived on time with his crew of very professional and courteous men. 
He and the men immediately removed the build up of old leaves and trees sticks from the pool. 
They were quick and efficient in this part of the tedious work. 
Rich removed the old liner, cutting it up in manageable pieces. 
They then filled the bottom of the pool area with new, fresh sand which was necessary as the prior installers  
had not placed enough sand in there. 
Placing the new liner accurately and making certain that it fit accordingly was the best part of the job. 
I feel confident that Rich's workmanship will cause this liner to last longer, possibly outlasting me. lol. 
Rich and crew cleaned up and left as courteously as they arrived.

Above Ground Pool Installation NJ